Markku Kuikka – vocals

Jari-Pekka Perälä – guitars

Jussi Tikka – bass

Atte Palokangas – drums




The melodic heavy metal band Agonizer from Pyhäjärvi, Finland was founded in 1998.

The first demo ”Eternal Night” recorded at Studio Jambo, Iisalmi in 1998, which left the wheel to rotate and will continue to rotate for even more. However, around the wheel is today already accumulated quite a few ingredients

The next demo, ”Last Sign Of Light” was recorded with a little bit bigger budget in Astia-Studios in Lappeenranta 1999 by Anssi Kippo. This demo was quoted positively magazines demo boards. The singer was changed shortly thereafter and Pasi Kärkkäinen joined the band. His vocal style was radically different from the previous singer’s style. Then Agonizer knew it had found what he had sought. ”Last Sign Of Light” demo’s vocals was recorded again. With this demo, the band got few warm-up gigs with Amorphis, Sonata Arctica and Children Of Bodom.

In 2001, Agonizer recorded a demo of ”Lord Of Lies” at Astia-Studio. The demo was very successful and popular among the fans. Demos were sent to various record companies, but the disappointment of unwanted responses were received.

In 2002, ”Lord Of Lies” got its wanted attention when the German record company Century Media Records became interested in Agonizer. A recording contract was negotiated, but after six months of negotiations, Century Media decided to skip the contract.

In 2002, Agonizer also made a collection of demos, which contained the seven songs from the previous demos. The collection was named ”Anthems of Agony”. The collection raised good points along the Japanese media.

At the end of the summer of 2002 Agonizer underwent changes. The guitarist Lasse Löytynoja left the band and was replaced by Joni Laine. New songs were also produced with a high speed.

In spring 2003 Agonizer set off again in the familiar Astia-Studio to record some new material. Three songs included demo was called ”Cain”.

With the promotion of the demo, Agonizer created many new opportunities and good reviews all over the world. The demo was Rumba magazine’s the ”month demo”, Ylex’s the week’s demo, etc. In addition, ”Cain” was played in several radio channels, including the countries mentioned Greece, Belgium, Germany and Spain. Nonetheless, Agonizer summer turned to autumn without a record deal.

In autumn 2003, Agonizer decided to go again to Astia-Studio with the new material, so that the band could be marketed better result as soon as early spring. The name of a new demo became ”World Of Fools”. For the better promotional value, Agonizer decided to publish a self-released EP, which was charged with four songs. Two tracks from the demo ”Cain” as well as two songs from the demo ”World of fools”. The disc was named ”World Of Fools” and was published in March 2004.

World Of Fools self-financed EP Agonizer spawned numerous gigs and got great reviews all over the world. Agonizer also participated in the same year for two collection plate, the second was the magazine’s Inferno Kiirastuli II and another Enclave Records’s Metal ostentation V. A couple of other collections was, but now cannot remember when Agonizer took part in. Collections, which Agonizer has participated in:

In early 2005 the first Finnish metal fairs, Finnish Metal Expo authoritative jury chose Agonizer to ”Hilselinko” band competition finals from the among 148 bands. Agonizer ranked for second place, and at the same time got the gig to Tuska festival’s follow-up club. In February 2005, Agonizer had to leave its drummer due to long-term disagreements. At the summer 2005, the very talented and versatile new drummer Atte Palokangas joined the band.

In early summer 2005, Agonizer’s keyboardist Mika Heinonen announced that he will not continue in the band. Like a scene out of nowhere appeared a young and talented Patrik Laine. By Mika’s departure also backing vocals went out and the band had a great problem. Quality was replaced by quantity as guitarists Joni Laine and Jari-Pekka Perälä and bassist Jussi Tikka began to sing backing vocals. Baptism by fire was hard and already after month Tavastia sang and rang.

In the same year Agonizer was elected to represent the Finland to the Wacken Open Air ”Metal Battle” contest. The band finally placed as the top six.

In early 2006 Agonizer were selected from more than 1,500 bands to the twelve of bests in Nuclear Blast ”Band Contest” contest. However, the victory went to the race’s another Finnish band (fortunately victory came to Finland).

After a lot of gigs and new songs band came to the conclusion that it is time for the debut album. Studio was once again in Lappeenranta, but this time for four weeks. Eight songs (that included the debut album) recordings went well and the plate was named ”Birth / The End”.

A few copies of the disc were sent to the world, and as a result, 11.04.2007 Agonizer wrote a record deal with Spinefarm Records. Agonizer’s debut album found its way to stores shelf 01.08.2007.

After this Agonizer made only few gigs and making new songs and that sort of things.

In 2012 October, the band had a meeting and noticed that energy was wasted on the settlement of various problems and too much less relevant concentration had been made. For this reason, Agonizer decided to extend by four persons.

After a few gigs the band decided to start the recordings again and from the spring 2013 sessions was published a digital single, called ”Trooper”.

After the Trooper -single Agonizer started the next full-length’s musical work. In early 2014 the songs had already been refined to the point that the studio for drums was ventured to book. In June, Atte visited at Sonic Pump Studios. In same sessions Agonizer made a few recordings of acoustic guitars. In July, the band went on the album recordings and base guitars and basses were pretty urgent on tape. Melody guitars continued in the autumn and the end of the year Agonizer started recording the main vocals.

In early 2015 main vocals were finished, and the band started the recordings of backing vocals. Some time schedule partial failure led to the fact that the rest of the backing vocals were made not until May 2015. During the year, the band recorded still solos and keyboard, until It finally reached to the mixing at the end of 2015.

The mixing and the mastering was completed in early 2016 and the band knocked the release date 03.03.2016 into the lock. Conveniently and incidentally, exactly thirty years past, one of Agonizer’s idols, a band called Metallica released the album ”Master Of Puppets” 03/03/1986. For distribution’s technical reasons, the release date had to be postponed one day and the final date was 03/04/2016.